In Depth Review Of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts – Part 2

In the second part of this Six Pack Shortcuts review, we will be exploring the different bonuses that are offered with the main purchase. We will also look into the author of the program, the pricing, the guarantee that comes with the product and offer a final recommendation regarding whether or not it is worth the price.

Now if your recall, the first part of this review went over the different parts that make up the main program as well as an overview of the four phases that the program goes through. Keep reading to learn more.



A word about the creator, Mike Chang

Let’s first take a look at who exactly is the creator of this program. His name is Mike Chang and he is a personal trainer and fitness model who, through years of research and testing, has learned how to tap into what he calls the afterburn effect. This is the principle he teaches his clients as well as teaches in Six Pack Shortcuts.

Since launching his flagship program, he has gathered quite an impressive following on his youtube channel as well as facebook. He has amassed approximately 500 000 youtube subscribers thanks to his many free videos and also provides many tips and tricks on his blog. Through these channels (as well as others) he has sold in excess of ten thousand copies of his program to people all over the world who are looking to get in great shape.



On top of the main program, Mike Chang offers multiple bonuses that build upon what is taught in his program. They aren’t required in the least to get the main product to work but they do complement it very well. Here is a rundown of these bonus offers:


First Bonus: The Zero-Willpower nutrition system


Mike Chang transformed himself with the principles discussed in Six Pack Shortcuts

This first bonus offered with Six Pack Shortcuts goes into more depth on the topic of nutrition. This is where many people stumble and lose traction because they often aren’t prepared well enough or give in to cravings. The fact is that it takes rules and preparation to make sure that the right foods are available at the right time. This eating system therefore provides the five simple rules that Mike follows to simplify things and eliminate any and all confusion regarding the matter.

Also, there are many easy to follow recipes that use only simple ingredients and that are really easy to make. Once again, people often find it challenging to find enough time to make themselves three meals a day. These recipes were designed for the purpose of cutting down drastically on food preparation and making healthy eating the easiest option. In fact, Mike shares how he manages to prepare all of his meals in just 90 minutes a week. Another advantage of this bonus is that it teaches people how to cut down drastically on the average cost of their meals.

There is additionally a guide to give flavor to healthy foods that many people find boring. There are detailed spice mixtures, sauces, marinades and salad dressings that taste great but more importantly, don’t add calories to the overall meal.


Second Bonus: Advanced Coaching

This particular Six Pack Shortcut bonus is actually a free 14 day trial of his Advanced Fitness Coaching program. To keep receiving the extra content included here, the ongoing cost is 97$ per month. On the other hand, the recurring billing can be cancelled at any time during the 14 day trial period.

In order to keep the progress of his members going, this added bonus provides new coaching videos every week that explore more advanced concepts that aren’t suitable for people who are just starting out. This includes additional workouts (either for muscle building, overall athletic ability or fat loss) as well as advanced nutrition strategies.

Also included in this coaching bonus is access to Mike’s email so that members can ask him as many questions as they want. Of course, because there are many members, questions may take a few days to get answered.

These emails can serve multiple purposes for customers. For example, Mike can provide alternative schedules for those who live busy lifestyles and are having a hard time following the default schedule.

Another example is advice for those who are facing a workout injury. Healing in an effective manner requires one to follow specific protocols and are important not just to get back to normal but also to prevent any later injuries.

Finally, this type of ongoing coaching is great to keep people motivated in the short and long term. The fact of the matter is that without a personal coach that holds his clients accountable, getting into shape is a whole lot harder for many.


Price and guarantee

The price for the Six Pack Shortcuts program is a onetime payment of 97$ and if you choose to keep the Advanced Fitness Coaching, it’s an ongoing fee of 97$ per month. If you decide to buy and want access to all the bonuses discussed here, it is mandatory that you purchase it through the official website. Also, if you decide to buy and find out that this program isn’t a good fit for you, there is a complete 60 day money back guarantee.


Is Six Pack Shortcuts worth buying?

Over all, Mike Chang has put together a solid package for the price. However, it is worth mentioning that it does require a good bit of effort because the workouts aren’t easy (especially the later ones) and getting used to the nutritional guidelines doesn’t happen overnight.

Also, since the Advanced coaching bonus is automatic, if you decide that you don’t want it you have to unsubscribe from it manually. It’s an easy process but it’s kind of annoying that they force it upon you when you’ve just given them almost 100$ for the main program. Also, 14 days isn’t long enough for most people to find out if they will find value from it. Because it explores more advanced strategies, beginners won’t have time to go through the main program before deciding to keep it or not.

But for anyone who thinks that they’re ready to put in the effort required to get in shape and burn fat, Six Pack Shortcuts can provide you with the quickest way to do that, bar none. It doesn’t require you to learn the nitty gritty scientific details (though it does teach many valuable things) and gives you a no nonsense plan that covers everything that needs to be done, both in terms of exercise and nutrition.